air-conditioning in the hazardous area “HVAC plants”
(HVAC - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)


  • Air conditioners for the whole year air conditioning in the hazardous area
  • The facilities are certified for the establishment and operation in the hazardous area of Zone I and Zone II temperature T4
  • Cooling capacity from 3 to 100 kW
    plants form 3 to 30 kW as individual plants
    over 30 kW are classified as plant module (e.g. 2x20kW)
  • Heater output form 1 to 30 kW
  • Ambient temperatures from -35C to +45 C
  • Constant overpressure in the air-conditioned room
  • Redundant fan control

We also fulfill special requirements.


  • Constant overpressure up to 100Pa
  • Redundant Fan Systems
  • Redundant air conditioning
  • air change up to 25 times per hour
  • Overpressure stabilization with Adjustable overpressure valves
  • (room overpressure regulating )
  • Power monitoring and thermal monitoring of all electric motors
  • Status indication of the security functions
  • Gas alarm function
  • Filtering of all Air flows of the facility to keep pollution low
  • Free choice the color of the HVAC plant
  • Special version of the HVAC system in VA (stainless steel) is possible

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